My friend VICTORIA judiciously messaged me that they were RANUNCULUS which is only SLIGHTLY better than peonies but the assessment stands !!!!!

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The queen sized bed! The pissy prick son!! 😂😂 get that jewelry designer OUT OF HERE!! Why are we wasting any screen time on her?.Nya’s flirting!! Che and Toby wtf - I thought instead they’d be at a 12 steps mtg or working on new standup or writing in general - not f’ing a fan… and I’m ugh embarrassed for Bobby lee

I was moved by Miranda tbh… tears when she rubbed her tattoo!

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Oct 18Liked by Kira Cook

I appreciate your ability to write out so many of my thoughts while watching. For some reason, your pointing out the queen bed was my favorite. I literally was like, “why the fuck is their bed so small?”

I have been waiting to read this for so long btw! Finally finished the last 4 episodes yesterday with a day off and my child at school. It was a wonderful day!

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God, it really was so bad it was good.

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Aug 31Liked by Kira Cook

Loved loved LOVED this share and breakdown! I was pleasantly surprised that I could sit through this season without waves of constant nausea but wow still so many misses.

The forever distraught and fragile California jewelry designer kills me (for obvious reasons) — I get it Carrie’s trying to help out the younger version of herself blah blah blah but she seemed like more of a feminist explorer than the naïve, needy “scared L.A. girl” who’s new to the big city and gets saved over and over again by her Carrie Godmother who somehow cares about her enough to sell her her beloved UES apartment for a bargain?! Did I miss something??? Also, what’s a bargain? Like 1.5mill off but it’s still a mill?

Also the Steve moment, thank you. I thought he was speaking Italian. 😂 Poor Steve.

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So tell me, what did you think of BARBIE the movie?

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